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Beatriz Valim is a Brazilian American Photographer creating innovative portraits with striking artistic direction. Each of Valim’s works fuses together both hers and the model’s identity. This paves the way for dynamic photographs, each of which experiment with colour, fashion and poise.

Photography is an art like no other. To me photography is a rare artform where you can make it whatever you want it to be and tell a story that you would like to share through a single image. When creating that image, it has made me feel in ways that no other artform ever has.

I was incredibly lucky to have been raised in a family that encouraged me to express myself freely. Before photography I enjoyed drawing, painting and writing stories. Practicing those art mediums shaped me to become an amazing visual storyteller.

 Immediately the observer is greeted by Valim’s colour choices in this photograph. The greens, yellows and blue are the colours of mindfulness and repeatedly Valim proves that these are the colours of her work. The model becomes a subject for these colours to be projected upon. Whilst there is no sense of exaggerated personality there is certainly a sense of the model’s  identity in this image as she integrates herself amongst the colours.

I would describe my aesthetic to be graceful, bold, and colourful.


This integration is evident in the way that all components, subjects and objects of the photograph harmonise together to create a wistful image. The tail and the bust of the green dress parallels the movement of the yellow fabric which all sweep to the left exposing her right arm. The solidarity of the right arm is symbolic of strength and determination, injecting the image with a particular vigour. Valim’s demonstration of identity through colours, fabrics and poise pays tribute to her creative confidence.

 The shoots that I’m most proud of are the ones where my models and I come up with a collaborative project. Having both our ideas work together during a photoshoot creates the most amazing series of photographs.

 In Valim’s photograph Me & My Art, she incorporates an ethereal haze which imbues the sense of a fantasia dream. The photograph is divided in two; the pink hue is cloudier and dominates the image whereas the blue has a starker clarity. The inability to separate the line between the pink and the blue makes the setting of this image rather intangible. There is grandeur in the clothing choices, as there often is with Valim. The ruffles of the outfit mimic the absent clouds that she has created from this heavenly sky – like background. The eyes and nails of the subject pierce the image with their stark brightness and lucidity, becoming the only substantial detail in the image. This is suggestive since eyes vivify human’s personality and the nails and hands typically link to work.

The sense of identity is purposeful because I feel that although when creating these images I’m capturing a person’s story and or emotion we are still able to relate and connect each of these into our own story.


Valim thus presents perspectives on the components on what constituents “Me” from “Art”.  The title Me & My Art  is certainly relevant especially with this dream like quality as it encourages the observer to question which is the imitation and what is reality. This is where Valim succeeds in diverting and distorting opinions. 


                    Valim creates a beautiful, composed image. The model is immersed into a particular stillness despite the movement of the water. There is an ultimate impression of summer: the pool, the water, the sunshine and colours creates an overwhelming sense of warmth and ease.


Each project I create has a different meaning and story but it all comes down to capturing the story of the person I take photos of. When creating these images I wait for the most dynamic moment where the viewer can see and feel that person’s emotion and story.

The triangle shape of the bikini is the only thing that has a solidified shape in this image – even the model’s limbs are subjected to the waters’ distortion. The bikini is emphasised through the clarity of it’s colour, creating a focal point for the rest of the objects to melt around. The yellow of the fabric mimics the sun, bringing the sky to the water, reflecting itself against the blue of the water.


Since I have a background in painting it has really helped me get to know colours and how they interact with each other.

The ripples of light against her body and the simplicity of the elements of light decorate her body in small movements, bringing action to an otherwise still and relaxed photograph.


My work is centred around female empowerment. The goal of my work is to make the models I photograph and women who look at my work to feel beautiful and powerful in their own skin.

This is a beautiful glorification of feminine beauty. Valim creates a moon – like glow which elevates the indulgence of this image as the observer engages with how the model basks in it. There is a perfect symmetry to the photograph, marked overtly by the pearls which decorate her face which draw attention to particular parts of her face and balance it. Valim creates a sincere sensuality through the attention on the lips and yet the model is unaware and content within herself which is suggested through the closed eyes.

The most invaluable thing I have learned as a creative is to never be afraid to express myself. The craziest ideas that I’ve created as an artist has given me the most amazing opportunities. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Express yourself and speak your mind through your art.

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