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VALNTNA is the soulful powerhouse from London. When pinpointing her sound, listeners are spoiled for choice with only the best superlatives. The smoothest of harmonies, rhythm and blues in an unadulterated form. How would she describe her sound? “Cinematic,” she decides. It is no surprise that the song writing starts with the soul.

I’m definitely a melodies first, lyrics later kind of girl. And when I do write I feel like my music is a narrative, I like to take the listener on a journey whatever the emotion.

Her song Confidently Constantly Wrong (CCW) serves as an apt example of this, the heartfelt ballad is undoubtedly from a place of hurt, perfectly depicting modern struggles in learning to trust in 21st century relationships. The music video is reminiscent of the classic R&B videos by the likes of old school Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson. And cinematic is right; with VALNTNA herself donned in black veils and leather body harnesses in an eerily empty church. In regards to my style I would say very intense and bold. I love to express myself through my style. I believe style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.


I draw inspiration from so many different things, it could be a movie, a conversation, a quote, a personal encounter. Even just my imagination or listening back to a playlist of my favourite songs. It really just depends on the day and how I’m feeling. 

VALNTNA has plenty in the works for her listeners to look forward to.

I’m currently working on some singles and features which is exciting! I will have a few more releases before the year ends. My newest release ‘Lucky’ came out 10th July which I’m featuring with David Asante (@Kingdavidpen) who is an amazing songwriter I’ve been working on a few other projects with as well.



The works that VALNTNA produces requires an amazing team of creatives. Such as the songwriters Pink Mayne & Producer 80svn. They were both part of the process with my two singles Foolish Ways and CCW. Both songs are available on all digital platforms and both have official videos on my YouTube Channel. As well as many more to come of course!


However, for the singer it hasn’t always been plain sailing, and the journey to get where she is has taken getting through her fair share of hurdles. I would say there’s been some emotional hurdles, which aren’t something you could really prepare yourself for. But it is because of this that I am more resilient. I have found ways to use it to my advantage in my craft. It from these hard times that have been the course of VALNTNA I would definitely say there’s been a lot of times I’ve been tested on my journey, I’ve taken a few L’s but also taken a few wins. 2019 was not short of wins, it being a huge year for VALNTNA. One of her personal highlights including being a part of Stormzy’s iconic Brit performance. That was an amazing achievement for me, she admits. I would say that the Brits and my UK area tour are my proudest moments of my career so far. However, her answer is humble when asked about her favourite elements of being a musician. Nothing beats the feeling you get when someone tells you how your music has touched them, or helped them through a rough situation. That for me is definitely my biggest achievement being part of and impacting someone’s else’s life.

Similarly to all great musicians, VALNTNA’s passions and interest in music was rooted from a young age, but even then she finds it hard to believe how far she has come. Honestly I’ve always had a passion for music growing up but I would definitely say it’s been a progression for me. If you told 10 year old me that I would be doing what I’m doing today I don’t think I would have believed it. Trusting the process, and appreciating the progress she’s made has kept VALNTNA on track. And in this, she is spiritual in her approach to getting what she wants out of life, and her musical career. It’s like the universe keeps putting me in amazing situations and opportunities which has repeatedly shown me that music is my calling, and it’s crazy because now I can’t imagine it any other way.


Of course, COVID-19 and life in lockdown was something not even the universe could have predicted. With the arts taking a major hit, the music industry in particular has been struggling with venues going bankrupt and live music becoming a distant memory, it’s still unknown as to when the industry will finally get back to normal. “I definitely utilised the lockdown to be as creative as possible. I’ve had my difficult days and I’ve had my positive days. I made sure I wasn’t too hard on myself but tried to stay as motivated as possible!”

So what can we expect to see from VALNTNA now that lockdown limitations are slowly but surely being lifted? My next goal is definitely to expand on my reach and grow my fan base. I have my next single ‘BLVK KINGZ’ coming out real soon, keep your eyes out for that! And she looks to the universe for the next steps in her journey. This time next year I want to be performing at festivals, I’m manifesting it from now!

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