Eternal peace is all that we are after in this lifetime - it is what I tell myself everyday. Looking for ways to improve mentally, physically and spiritually have become key, especially within the year of 2020. Over 4,000 miles away is the multitalented Jaelyn, who spoke to Lightwork magazine about the powers of Astrology, the importance of birth charts and why she was given the name ‘Zodiac Queen’. 


It can be draining sometimes, juggling the roles of an astrologer, a life coach and running a YouTube channel. But Jaelyn doesn’t struggle with this at all. In fact, she has been obsessed with it, all at a young age. I guess I just started taking in information at a very young age, but mostly spiritually. I could just read stuff all day long.

The growth in her role as an astrologer started with the pursuit of seeking knowledge, added with the positive energy she consumed.As I started going through the lessons in my life and seeing the higher meaning, I was able to teach people what I went through and how I dealt with things from a spiritual perspective. Astrology brought Jaelyn a sense of understanding when it came to the why questions life offers. 


And with this understanding, she was and still is able to give back. I used to be the girl in school that would just talk about astrology.” She added that she was the main person that people approached, when it came down to the topic of all things astrology. “People would be like, go to Jaelyn, she's the ‘Zodiac Queen’." With everyone on social media talking about their signs, Jaelyn believes that it is definitely important these conversations are being had. I feel like people are starting to become more curious collectively, but real life astrology is about understanding your birth chart and studying others’. Some people let astrology almost dictate everything to the point of where it's unhealthy. Opening up about the best introduction to Astrology, she dropped a few gems that would help beginners and those intrigued. Astro.com and Cafe Astrology are good places to start, but look at Cafe Astrology first because I know they give a little insight into the different placements and the breakdown.


As we wrapped our talk on birth charts, Jaelyn told Lightwork that these charts break down your love style, the people you date, family and your individual energy.


With a few more gems up her sleeve, she informed us that YouTube is always a great place to start if you struggle to understand charts. YouTube is a great resource! There’s even a book called ‘The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need’ by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. With an ‘easily digestible’ book, it can make something so vast, seem that little bit easier. The real magic and the real sauce is going to come once you understand the basics, then you learn how to interpret based on just looking at people. It’s almost like Psychology! Another avenue within Astrology is the big L-O-V-E. Lightwork wanted to find out how to incorporate the information received about love languages. I'll look at their birth chart and if we are talking about love and connections within relationships, you definitely want to look at things like Venus, Mars and the moon. I would look at both of the people in their scenario and say, your love language is like this so you may need something a little bit more fiery. Jaelyn explained that Venus is about the expression of love, how you seduce and flirt. Mars focuses on your sex drive and compatibility whilst the moon pieces the puzzle on how your feelings operate. These are all key components to really having a solid relationship in my opinion.


I love studying people. It's fun and brings me joy. Sometimes I'm actually very shy. The love and energy for people really shows, with Jaelyn providing courses during the lockdown, that venture the topics of divine femininity and awakening your inner goddess. It's the perfect time to get in tune with yourself! A lot of us are going through mental breakdowns and stress, but I touch on so many different topics, such as really embracing your feminine energy and not in the way that people view feminine energy. Without any hesitation, Jaelyn further added her definition. The feminine energy is really about emotion. It's about valuing feelings, valuing our heart, our art, our creativity, you know. It's about valuing our intuition and actually understanding that our intuition is a form of intelligence.

If we can understand love through Astrology, I'm sure we all want to understand the present year we are living in. Using transits, the Zodiac Queen revealed her view on the year so far. The energy of the numbers two, zero, two and zero, is all about structure and building but you’ve got to go through the ‘purging process’ first. I tell people Pluto and Saturn were in the beginning of the year, right after a huge full moon, so I said something is going to happen. Whilst events in 2020 have been unforgettable, Jaelyn has still found some positives in this year. This is the most peace I’ve felt! I've been connected and felt aligned to myself and I'm learning things about myself that I never would have learnt, if I didn't have this time.

As we closed our conversion, we touched on her love for Brent Faiyaz, swapped accents for a while and the Leo Queen revealed her favourite sign. I love Scorpios, they are powerful but I also love Aquarius! Jaelyn was happy to give advice too; People should be looking at timing, the planets and representation behind each one and even enhancing knowledge on moon phases. You could even get into rituals, for example, a releasing ritual or manifestation, by planting seeds of intentions on a new moon. Although aligning yourself spiritually is important, she expresses the fact that you should have fun enhancing your energy. Take you some spiritual baths, add some salts, use herbs such as Catnip and Damiana. Even hug a tree, walk outside barefoot and imagine roots coming out of your feet and anchoring to the center of the earth.


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