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KHAOSGARMZ is an established underground clothing line from North West London. KHAOSGARMZ fuses together ideas of contemporary fashion and Rae Simpson’s imaginative designs, to create progressive streetwear staples. Due to it’s independent nature, each piece created is unique and absent from mainstream fashion. Simpson creates a demand that wasn’t already there, filling a much needed space in the underground fashion market. Through each piece made, KHAOSGARMZ marries contemporary urban fashion with individuality and creativity, making it hard not to be won over by his designs.

My name is Rae Simpson, I’d like to think of myself as an energetic lively person to people who know me well. Others may think I’m lowkey hyperactive at times. 

This vivaciousness and creativity is apparent in each of his designs, pushing fashion boundaries further whilst staying current through his everyday wear. Rae Simpson helps dictate the underground fashion scene and is certainly one to watch. 

I create purely for pleasure, it’s not something that requires much thought it’s something that’s free-flowing at the time. I feel like creating is fun and stress-free because there are a million and one ways somebody can create something which is simply mind blowing. 


Each of his pieces is notable for it’s blatancy. Simpson’s designs stand out more than the mass branding of contemporary fashion. This is through his choices such as colours, graphics and collaborations which isolate his branding. Simpson is constantly creating new ways to look at and understand fashion as a comfortable expression rather than a guise to hide behind. 

I didn’t think of myself as a fashion designer but more of trying to stay unique with what I was wearing which ultimately expressed how I wanted others to portray me.

The branding – KHAOS, signs off the design, owning each of his imaginative pieces rather than letting the branding be the design which is common in modern fashion with labels such as Adidas, Nike and North Face. 

I was tired of the whole idea of ‘Nike Identity’ vibes and wanted something a little more personal and meaningful to myself rather than trying to flex in designer brands.


I accidentally posted one of my designs for a t-shirt on my main Snapchat story. I instantly received recognition and loads of people obviously wanted to cop that t-shirt which today is still my best seller and timely piece.


 From that moment I knew that my work had been validated by others even though it was an accident and now people ask me to design one-off pieces for them from time to time.


Simpson’s works are everyday wear: t- shirts, joggers, sweatshirts with logos and exciting designs. This makes his expression of creative individuality ready to wear with ease. Many of his pieces are great foundation pieces for forming other outfits. Simpson’s regeneration of everyday wear into his urban dreams makes it easy to have effortlessly unique style. 


To keep it perfect is simply asking yourself these two questions “Would I wear this?” & “Would I buy this?”

By keeping to this simple yet rigid framework of asking himself these questions, KHAOSGARMZ has a wide selection of clothes to offer that are both affordable and progressive whilst staying within  contemporary fashion trends. Each of his pieces are inventive, imaginative and creative making it a refreshing essential for an urban wardrobe. 


Inspiration can be from a dream and I just have to sketch it down or write something down to them create later.

The KHAOS X JANZ collab t – shirt is completely imaginative. It is immediately the back of the t-shirt that the consumer is drawn to. The graphic of a psychedelic face is made even more potent set against the black of the t-shirt with the acid tone colours used. Having it bordered by the label of KHAOS X JANZ purposes the design, elevating it from the monotony of designs in contemporary fashion. The front of the t- shirt has a crisp, clean symmetrical graphic, drawing the design as a whole together. 


My creative process is quite unstructured usually I’d see something and simply think what could I do to make this better without stealing the originality of the previous work as well as keeping the originality of my brand. 

The STRIPED TEE is a staple for every wardrobe. It has a design similar to that of the Guess X A$AP Rocky collection and yet it is clearly derivative of Simpson’s own imagination and planning. This is tribute to the independence of KHAOSGARMZ, which is demonstrated in this design through the chosen purple branding. The black stripes are not oppressive or dominant but compliment the white and purple. The black is what makes this t-shirt a staple; it is a foundation colour that can be worn with anything. 


My favourite designers at the moment definitely have to be Kanye or Virgil not to be on the basic bandwagon but these two individuals have simply changed the game and given other black creatives proof and belief that anything is possible in the fashion industry.


I try to use models that are normal people that others could relate to. I feel it looks good because it’s something I’d wear and share and others have caught onto that as well from friends to family to complete strangers. 

KHAOSGARMZ identity lies within its underground, urban roots. This is evident in the streetwear designs and the way the models are styled wearing it, providing the consumer and the  KHAOSGARMZ following with inspiration in ways to wear Simpson’s pieces. There is a raw, ready to wear feel in each of the designs which is perfect for the growing pains of London’s contemporary youth fashion culture.

I’d say our underground aesthetic is achieved by using steezy models to having a wicked location that clearly can be represented as underground from alleyways to estates to graffitied brick walls when wearing shooting a product. 

The colour scheme of a lot of Simpson’s clothing mimics the cool, dark tones of city scapes. For example the DELUSION TEE, regenerates the expectations of tie dye to be colourful into a charcoal, grey and black. This isolates the white of the brand which makes the label KHAOSGARMZ known. 


During this lockdown period, I haven’t had all the access to the design software I normally use but I’ve had to make do with free online services available. Lockdown has given me a chance to think of new themes for future collections as well as enough time get my drawings done so by the end of lockdown I can just start creating artwork that will be shown on my clothes.


One thing I’d say that’s the most valuable trait as a designer is a belief in yourself because it reflects in your craft. There have been certain days where my head hasn’t been in the game and has resulted in designs that were not good enough to produce. A message to all starting designers is to literally stay consistent, stay humble and don’t copyright.

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