Each issue Lightwork Magazine interview's and showcase 4 Creatives on a 6 page spread. This can be anyone from a photographer, model, fashion designer, musician, poet, film director, writer, graphic designer etc. We want to provide a platform for creatives to have a chance to tell their story whilst advertising their brand.

*Non refundable + Not guaranteed feature*


  • Two of your photos will be guaranteed to place on the front and back cover of one of the next Lightwork print issues.

  • We will assign you 4 pages in the issue.

  • You will receive a free digital + print copy of the issue after publishing.


  • Your editorial Guaranteed to publish in one of the next Picton print issues.

  • We will assign you 2 pages in the issue.

  • You will receive a free digital copy of the issue after publishing. 


We will inform you on the upcoming editions of our magazine.

Our magazine is POD (Print-on-Demand) publications worldwide and we would like you to sponsor the upcoming editions of 2020-21.


Believing deeply in beauty, fashion, style, and creativity, Lightwork promotes ART OF ALL KINDS and connects a global community of creative professionals from all over the globe. Most of our audience are in the USA, Italy, France, Australia, United Kingdom, Ukraine and many more. 

This provides us with the roaming space that allows us to excel in the respective fields.


Positioning ourselves as the ultimate authority & resource, the aim of Lightwork is thus:


One; to produce the strongest editorial coverage from the point-of-view of our internationally recognised editors, photographers and bloggers;


Two; to engage Lightwork readers in the creative world's most exclusive and educated online community,


Lastly; to provide vast outlets and opportunities for advertisers and consumers. 

Hence we have decided to produce more creative and professional content together with your help and sponsorship, and based on our addresses considerable number, we find the condition suitable, and do believe that with we can promote Lightwork to be placed in bookstores and supermarkets all over the world in the upcoming months.